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New York City skyline athletic cotton trunk
New York skyline trunk $26.00
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New York City skyline ultra soft low rise underwear
New York Skyline low-rise $28.00
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Houndstooth printed ultra soft boxer-brief
Houndstooth pop boxer-briefs $28.00
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New York City skyline ultra soft boxer briefs
New York skyline boxer-briefs $28.00
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What is Ken Wroy?  

Ken Wroy is a bold, sleek and sexy men's underwear brand. Headquartered in New York, the label is inspired by the city's spirit of being energetic, daring and sophisticated.

Why men's underwear?

We found that men wear cool clothes and classy suits, but when that came off...It was Disappointing! Ken Wroy's quest is to break the monotony of boring men's underwear and make men "fashionable all the way".

Ken Wroy is a fashion accessory crafted with original artwork and designs.


Spring Trend Alert: Houndstooth's Back With a Bite

March 26, 2014

Houndstooth spring trend alert print mens underwear THE HUFFINGTON POST

Alright. Despite the recent weather, spring is -- we promise -- fast approaching. Really. It'll be here before you even know it.

Anyway, looking forward to vacations and getaways, especially if you're on the east coast like us over at The Underwear Expert, we're also looking forward to a great spring trend as well: Houndstooth.


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Underwear With The Energy Of NYC

March 01, 2014

 The Underwear Expert originated as a gateway to provide full coverage into the world of      men’s underwear; it is the appreciation for men’s underwear that got us started and we love  nothing more than bringing the best of the underwear market to our readers.

 While we saw this niche in fashion starting to expand, so did Vasumathi S, the designer and  owner of the men’s fashion underwear brand Ken Wroy, known for their bold, sleek and sexy  designs. Cleverly named, Ken Wroy is an anagram for New York and many of the brand’s  designs are based on the city. 


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