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Beard becomes a flower basket

July 24, 2014

When I first saw these photos, I was more than curious. I would have never imagined flowers belonged in this region of hair-growth! My first reaction was 'itchy'. And how do the flowers stay put like that?

Imagine, you walk into a family get together or meeting and shake your head to say 'hello' and the flower falls off. Well, you would probably make quite an impression.

I am unable to decide whether this is a cool trend or not. There is the hippie factor that's sometimes a refreshing change from Wall street machos.

And there is the weird idea of something hanging from your beard, it's on your face for God's sake! 

Bigger question here: are we ready to accept flowers, which have been a symbol of femininity to be embraced by men? Are we ready to turn the real man's beard that is sign of virility into a flower basket?


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